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Pair of 19thc finely carved Black Forest cows, possibly by Huggler


Code: LVS949

A pair of late 19th century finely carved linden wood Black Forest cows, possibly by The Huggler family - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

This pair of superbly carved cows consists of a bull and cow, the figures being freestanding which is unusual but making them much more versatile.

The carvings being so realistic we can see their own characteristics, the cow depicted standing calmly wearing a cowbell hanging on a traditional leather collar, the bell worn by freely roaming livestock making the animal easier to locate, the bull figure with his head lowered, one rear leg raised and tail in motion maybe to depict his aggression or stubbornness.

The small village of Brienz in The Swiss Alps is renowned for superbly and finely carved linden wood figures of farm and domestic animals that integrated into Swiss life such as the cow, as well as many other types of carvings. Even today the cow is a common sight in gardens and yards throughout Switzerland and the cowbell soothing to the ear.

The carvings from the Brienz region were known for being superbly naturalistic and realistic with wonderful depiction of fur, feathers etc. and from being carved from one piece of wood, often from lime or linden wood. These figures are finely carved with superb detail of their fur, faces, legs and tails etc. and this being typical of Black Forest carved figures.

The Huggler family were one of a few families from this area of Switzerland who produced these types of animal carvings, The Hugglers undoubtedly being thought of as the most celebrated carvers from the area producing five generations of excellent carvers beginning with Kaspar Huggler (1806-1846) and later Johann (the ‘Carving King’) who was considered the most important carver as well as many other members of the family. We have suggested these figures may be carvings by The Huggler family as these have undoubtedly been crafted by expert craftsmen due to their fine quality.

This pair of carvings are in excellent condition for age and can go straight into a home or collection.   

Height: 9'' / 23cm
Width: 13'' / 33cm
Depth: 4.5'' / 11.5cm

Height: 8'' / 20.25cm
Width: 13.25'' / 33.5cm
Depth: 4.5'' / 11.5cm