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Large bronze figure of 'The Buffalo Hunt'

£6,850.00 Approx $8456.79, €8077.83

Code: LVS582


W: 72.5cm (28.5")H: 54.5cm (21.5")D: 42cm (16.5")

A large, fine quality bronze figure of 'The Buffalo Hunt' by Theodore Baur (1835-1894) - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

This bronze is a re-strike of superb quality from the original figure which was produced between 1876-1886 and depicts a native American on horseback holding a spear and hunting the buffalo, the piece has various patinations which adds to the quality of the figure.

This particular figure was produced in 1980 by the Sterling Excalibur Foundry based in Brooklyn, New York, USA  and is stamped with their foundry medallion, is inscribed with the signature of Theodore Baur and is numbered 2/48 - this foundry has produced many good quality castings over its 40 year history.

Baur was commissioned by The Meriden Britannia Co. to produce this sculpture to commemorate the Philadelphia Centennial of 1876 and it was exhibited at various notable exhibitions over America and the company included it in their catalogue between 1876 and 1886, available in various sizes.

There is a gold and silver plated version of this sculpture in the White House collection in Washington, USA.

This piece is in excellent condition and would be a superb addition to any home, office or bronze collection.

Provenance: from a private collection, England, UK