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Papier mache painted framed plaque

£750.00 Approx $1031.64, €878.22

Code: 11580

A finely painted mid 19thc papier mache mounted panel of @APOS@Sancho & the Duchess@APOS@, in a gilded frame. This is after Charles Robert Leslie.

Various @APOS@Japanners@APOS@ were creating work of this quality such as the company Jennens & Bettridge from Birmimgham.

The panel is surrounded by a shaped & gilded edge & is mounted onto green fabric, framed within a gilded wooden frame. This panel was possibly originally a hand held face screen.

This subject was influenced from the @APOS@Don Quixote@APOS@ books where the character @APOS@Sancho@APOS@ became the Squire to Don Quixote & they had many adventures together.

This oil is of fine quality & on closer examination there appears to be some marks on the surface, however these are fragments from the gilt edging lying on the surface of the panel.

Size of complete frame:

Height: 16@APOS@@APOS@ / 41cm

Width: 16.5@APOS@@APOS@ / 42.5cm

Depth: 1.25@APOS@@APOS@ / 3cm

Size of panel only:

Height: 10@APOS@@APOS@ / 25.5cm

Width: 11@APOS@@APOS@ / 28cm

Depth: 0.25@APOS@@APOS@ / 0.5cm