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Pair of Chinese hardwood Fu Lions

Pair of Chinese hardwood Fu Lions

Code: LVS480


W: 24cm (9.4")H: 49.5cm (19.5")D: 16.5cm (6.5")


A late 19th century pair of Chinese hardwood Fu Lions of superb quality. FURTHER IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

The 'Fu Lions' or 'Dogs of Fo' are always found in pairs, the pair being a male and a female. The lion is a symbol of majestic strength, courage & strength of character.

These figures symbolize protection and were often found at the entrances to buildings and traditionally stood guarding Chinese Imperial palaces & tombs, temples and important buildings.

The male lion who represents Yang has its paw resting on a ball, the ball possibly representing the moon pearl which symbolizes protection against evil.

The female lion who represents Yin has her paw resting on a lion cub which represents the circle of life.

These figures have a ball in each mouth, this represents a pearl that can roll around the mouth but sized in a way that it cannot be removed.

These figures are in excellent condition and can go straight into a home and / or collection.