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Mid/late 19thc oak joint stool in 16thc style

Mid/late 19thc oak joint stool in 16thc style

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W: 46.5cm (18.3")H: 55.5cm (21.9")D: 30.5cm (12")


This is a fine example of a joint stool in the 16thc manner of good patina (colour). 

Although this piece was purchased as 16thc/17thc I feel after studying it that it is a later construction from the latter part of 19thc.

The design is typical of 16thc furniture with it's bulbous & carved style.

The two plank top has a good patina and is surrounded by a moulded edge. 

The frame is studded with a design of large wooden nail heads between  mouldings, supported by brackets.

The legs are in the Renaissance style with sophisticated carving leading down to moulded bottom rails.

This is a good example of an oak joint stool in the 16thc style.

This is a fine design and there is a very similar example in 'A History of English Furniture' (The age of Oak) by Percy Macquoid.
If this stool was original it would be a very rare model and therefore would reach a high premium in the thousands of punds.  

This piece is of stable construction and can go straight into a property.