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Mid/Late 19th century taxidermy pair of perch

Mid/Late 19th century taxidermy pair of perch

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W: 73.5cm (28.9")H: 44cm (17.3")D: 23cm (9.1")


A mid/late 19th century early taxidermy pair of perch in a bow fronted & moulded case with a mahogany frame - FURTHER IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:-

The pair of perch are in good original condition and are in a naturalistic setting of reeds and other river plants.

A label is on the back of the inside of the case stating the following:

'Perch - caught in the River Lee at Waltham Abbey by J Child and his son Reginald.

Weights: 3lbs & 2.25lbs

February 1876'

This case can either be secured on a wall or be displayed as a freestanding piece.

This piece is in good original condition.