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Late 19th century Liberty & Co. work table

Late 19th century Liberty & Co. work table

Code: LVS639


W: 42cm (16.5")H: 53cm (20.9")D: 42cm (16.5")


A late 19th century Liberty & Co. inlaid work table of octagonal shape in good original condition - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW: 

Liberty & Co developed decorating rooms in an 'oriental' style in the 1880's & exhibited various items with styles from Exotic countries. 

The top of this stool has inlaid decoration of mother of pearl & various exotic woods to create a geometric design, the top lifts up to an upholstered interior - this has been left with the original upholstery as this is not cost effective to be re-done, however this is not noticable if using as a table.   

The centre of the design is inlaid with designs of Islamic religious symbols and each side panel has a geometric design, again with mother of pearl & exotic woods & underneath is an inlaid wood design. 

In between each of these sections is a broken black & light wood line design, the legs forming an arch between each section & give the table an architectural influence from the East.

The first Liberty catalogue known to exist was produced in 1881 & this celebrated Oriental items & also set the fashion for the store for years & years. 

The Middle classes particularly were fascinated with the designs & quality of these exotic items.

Similar examples of these tables from Liberty & Co. can be seen in the book 'Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915, The Birth of Modern Interior Design' by Daryl Bennett, pages 28,29,30 etc. 

This table is good original condition and can go straight into a home.