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Late 18th century oak & ash cricket table

Code: LVS500

Dimensions:W: 60cm (23.6")H: 66cm (26")D: 60cm (23.6")


A rare late 18th century oak & ash cricket table of superb patina (colour) and sophisticated design.

This table has a super patina to the oak top with the typical 'cricket' table design of a three legged base with outswept turned legs and pad feet.

Underneath the top is an ash shaped frieze supported by three ash legs leading down to a pad foot.

The top is possibly not original to the base, however they have been together for many years.

Many of these type of tables were used in taverns and due to the amount of use it is not uncommon that a top has been replaced.

The base would have originally been darker in colour i.e. stained, but this has been washed back at some point over the years to show the grain of the timber. 

This table is in good condition and can go straight into a home.

Late 18th century oak & ash cricket table