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Large pair of late 19thc brass apothecary scales

Large pair of late 19thc brass apothecary scales

Code: LVS851


W: 114cm (44.9")H: 125.5cm (49.4")D: 48cm (18.9")


A large and highly decorative pair of 19th century brass apothecary balance scales with 19th century brass apothecary weights, possibly French - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

The scales have an arrow to the top which points to the appropriate weight with horizontal beam and a central brass column. The beam has twin circular pans and chains suspended from it, the pans having various stamps to them and the brass column is mounted on a walnut base.

The weights are a set of 19th century apothecary's cup nesting weights, all the weights are contained within the largest weight which has a lid and brass handle. The weights range from the an eighth of an ounce up to eight lbs. Many of the weights are numbered and the largest weight that holds them all is stamped 1891 to the underneath.

The scales and weights are both in excellent original condition and could either be used for weighing items or purely as a very decorative piece.