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Large Meiji period Japanese four-fold screen

Large Meiji period Japanese four-fold screen

Code: LVS817


A large late 19th century Japanese Meiji period four-fold screen of superb quality with shibyama panels.

This screen consists of four superbly decorated panels, the top carved and pierced wood sections depicting bird designs.

These lead down to the four shibayama panels, each having a lacquered central panel decorated with superb quality applied inlaid ivory, bone and mother of pearl depicting exotic birds amongst trees.  

Each of these panels is supported by a superbly carved wooden frame and the reverse is also highly decorative consisting of red lacquer work with tree designs.

This screen is in very good condition for age and can go straight into a home.


Height; 73'' / 185.5cm

Width: 100'' / 254cm

           25'' / 63.5cm (folded) 

Depth: 1.25'' / 3cm