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Fine quality miniature hanging shelves

Fine quality miniature hanging shelves

Code: LVS524


W: 49cm (19.3")H: 48cm (18.9")D: 15.5cm (6.1")


Fine quality late 19th century miniature three tier hanging shelves of good patina (colour).

Each shelf consists of an inlaid geometric design, the same design being on both the top and bottom of the shelves. 

A number of various woods has been used to create the inlaid decoration: birds eye maple, rosewood and stained maple.

The front edge of each shelf has a brass pierced and shaped gallery (parts of this gallery have been replaced with a different designs over the years) and  turned fruitwood supports link each tier together.

Each of the wooden turnings has a central metal rod with a decorative brass finial to the top and bottom.
The finials to the back of the shelves are of acorn form and have rings to allow the shelves to hang on a wall.

As with all our items, these shelves are in very good condition and can go straight into a home.