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Bronze of Narcissus with green patination

Bronze of Narcissus with green patination

Code: LVS440


W: 16.5cm (6.5")H: 38cm (15")D: 16.5cm (6.5")


A late 19th century / early 20th century bronze figure of Narcissus, after the Antique, with green patination.

He wears a wreath in his hair and carries a goat skin wine sack and stands on a circular base.

The original piece was discovered in 1862 in a house in Pompeii and was the last antique statue to be discovered in Italy. Many described it as probably the most beautiful bronze to be found in Pompeii.

Narcissus was a hunter and known for his beauty. He is said to have taken a drink of water from a pool and noticed his reflection in the water and fell in love with it. When he realised it was purely an image he died.


From the family of the British artist Edward Seago (1910-1974), owned by his brother, John.