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A rare early 17thc oak joint stool

A rare early 17thc oak joint stool

Code: 274


W: 49.5cm (19.5")H: 56cm (22")D: 33cm (13")


A rare 17thc (Charles I) oak joint stool (joined) of good patina & original condition.

The top is of solid oak with a thumb moulded egde and this top is joined onto the rails with wooden pegs.

The side rails have a carved decoration with a bicuspid shaped underail & the end rails are inlaid with an oak & sycamore geometric design.

The legs are finely turned with a reel & fillett and ball design which leads down to a joined stretcher.

One foot has slightly more wear than the other three, however, the piece is still of sound construction.

This is a rare example of it's kind & also has a good patina (colour).


Height: 22'' / 56cm

Width: 19.5'' / 49.5cm

Depth: 13'' / 33cm