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A Farmyard Scene, oil on canvas

A Farmyard Scene, oil on canvas

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W: 140.5cm (55.3")H: 89.5cm (35.2")D: 7.5cm (3")


A Farmyard scene, oil on canvas, signed by Joseph Yarnold 1888.

This is a typical late Victorian painting and portrays a typical farmyard with three horses to the centre and various other animals such as pigs, peacocks, ducks, turkeys and chickens etc.

This piece is nicely painted and in good condition, it has been re-lined and re-framed at some point in the past.

Size: in frame                                                                           canvas only

Height: 35.25'' / 89.5cm                                                             30'' / 77cm

Width: 55.25'' / 140.5cm                                                            50.25'' / 127.5cm

Depth: 3'' / 7.5cm