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19thc hardwood Chinese carved armchair

19thc hardwood Chinese carved armchair

Code: 74


W: 61cm (24")H: 103cm (40.6")D: 56cm (22")


A late highly decorative 19thc hardwood Chinese heavily carved open armchair of exceptional quality.
The centre back panel depicts a carved, elongated writhing dragon with a scaled body.
The arms are in the form of dragons clutching balls within their mouths.
It has a deep front seat rail carved with crane & deer. The back rail, underneath the arms has carved bats.
The animals depicted have symbolic meanings as follows : dragon - courage, crane - longevity, bat - good fortune, deer - happiness & good fortune.
The seat has a superb colour.


Height: 103cm / 40.5''

Width: 61cm / 24''

Depth: 56cm / 22''