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17thc Limewood winged cherubs

17thc Limewood winged cherubs

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Dimensions:W: 23cm (9.1")H: 52cm (20.5")D: 38cm (15")


An exceptional pair of mid 17thc carved limewood winged cherubs, possibly Italian.

This pair of figures have a very calming influence when you look at them, almost angelic, and they appear to give you feelings of tranquility & serenity.

These figures would have been carved for an important building of their time.

These cherubs, when purchased by us, had many layers of gesso & gilding on them, although one had parts of it already removed. It was only through removing these layers, that the quality of these figures was realised. Over a period of many months they have been lovingly restored to the condition they are in today.

As you can see from the photographs, they have suffered with woodworm/beetle damage in the past & this has probably been in the wood for at least 200 years as after the gesso had been removed there was evidence of older gesso in the crevices. This is not active now.

The left cherub has his arms crossed & appears to be sleeping. His wing has been replaced probably in th 19thc, he has also had repairs to his left leg & foot. These additions are in pine, if required these can be toned to the colour of the figures.

The other figure has his hands clasped & is all original, although does show slight damage to left leg.

There is a metal bracket on each figure probably for mounting on a wall & also a metal pin in one knee of each figure.

They have both been mounted on tri-form metal bases for display purposes, the figures can be moved into any angle whilst on these or they can be completely removed.


Sizes: without stands
Sleeping cherub:

Height: 19'' / 48cm

Width: 10'' / 25.5cm

Depth: 12'' / 30.5cm

Cherub with clasped hands:

Height: 20.5'' / 52cm

Width: 9'' / 23cm

Depth: 15'' / 38cm