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17th/18thc Roof Angel

17th/18thc Roof Angel

Code: LVS115


W: 89cm (35")H: 66cm (26")D: 28cm (11")

A highly decorative 17th century & later pine finely carved Continental Roof Angel - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:
The angel has large wings, possibly added in 18thc, and is holding a book or possibly a bible.
This figure would have come form a ceiling of a provincial church, possibly in France.
This carving is pine although has taken on a very rich patina which has the appearance of oak.
It has quite a polished finish & has possibly had a varnish applied at some point over the years.
It has been mounted onto a stand which makes it much more practical to display.
There are many theories as to why an angel often graces the roof of a church. The original motive was devotional inspiration with the angels exercising a benevolent & comforting guardianship over isolated groups of worshippers scattered across a harsh & lonely countryside.