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 Six walnut Art Deco Ocean liner chairs

Six walnut Art Deco Ocean liner chairs

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W: 61cm (24")H: 90cm (35.4")D: 61cm (24")


A wonderful set of six walnut Art Deco Ocean Liner open armchairs, in the French style.

Each chair has a graduated geometric scallop design to the back, typically of the Art Deco design, of fine quality.

The arms are shaped with a scroll to the end, leading down to carved scroll arm supports.

These lead down to drop in seats upholstered in a cream striped fabric, recently re-upholstered. When being re-upholstered, a piece of paper was found stapled to the seat frame saying 'First Class'.

The legs are of cabriole shape with a carved scroll design at the top, leading down to a pad foot.

As seen in Photo 11 (selling antiques site) each chair has a lower rail underneath the seat, with a hole, possibly used to secure the chair, if needed, when at sea.

Each chair also has an inlaid disc, to the reverse, as seen on Photo 9 (selling antiques site) each with a different letter, possibly distinguishing which area of the dining area they were situated.

These chairs are from an indulgent time when new & great designs were being evolved, this set of six are a very sophisticated set of chairs typical of this period.

The Ocean Liner was the equivalent of a top aircraft or Cruise ship from our time, and every time a ship sailed (from various ports in Europe) this was seen and treated as a great and exciting event.

These chairs are in excellent condition, all structurally sound and can go straight into a home.


Height: 35.5'' / 90cm

Width: 24'' / 61cm

Depth: 24'' / 61cm