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Rare & superb freestanding taxidermy giraffe

Rare & superb freestanding taxidermy giraffe

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W: 68.5cm (27")H: 241cm (94.9")D: 114cm (44.9")

£8,950.00 Approx $11653.65, €9944.44

A rare and superb example of a freestanding 20th century African taxidermy giraffe head and neck.

The giraffe is an African mammal and is the tallest living terrestrial animal, the latin name 'camelopard' refers to the similarities to both the camel and the leopard, the main distinguishing characteristics are the extremely long neck and horn-like ossicones and the distinctive coat pattern, this being individual to each giraffe.

This giraffe was purchased from a reputable antiques dealer in the UK and we understand the skin came from a Wildlife Park in Africa in the 1980's where old or injured animals were sometimes culled for the benefit of the overall population, the income being a necessary source for the Park to continue to protect against poaching and to provide ongoing care for their animals.

This giraffe is a very attractive & decorative piece of taxidermy on a very impressive scale and is in good original condition.