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Finely carved 19th century serpentine figure of ‘Arrotino’

Finely carved 19th century serpentine figure of ‘Arrotino’

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W: 28cm (11")H: 40.5cm (15.9")D: 16cm (6.3")

£2,400.00 Approx $2985.07, €2810.3

A finely carved Italian 19th century (circa 1870) verde Prato or serpentine figure of ‘Arrotino’,known as The Knife or Blade Sharpener, probably from The Grand Tour - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

This figure consists of ‘Arrotino’ in seated position sharpening his knife or blade on a whetstone with a cloak over his shoulder.

The figure is in two pieces, the figure is supported on a separate solid plinth base.

The marble statue of this subject is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, it is a Roman copy of a Hellenistic statue although due to the wonderful craftsmanship it was long believed to be an original Greek sculpture.

The verde Prato serpentine stone has been quarried for centuries near to Prato, northwest of Florence in Italy, the stone was so named due to the resemblance to the skin of a serpent.

This figure is a very decorative piece, it is in good condition for age, is of stable construction and can go straight into a home or collection - old fractures and repairs in his right arm and missing thumb on left hand can be seen in our photographs - it is not uncommon for serpentine items to have some damage or losses due to the fragility of the stone.


Height 16'' / 40.5cm

Width 11'' / 28cm

Depth 6.75'' / 16cm