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Interesting Investing

Friday 30th October 2015 at 10:40

Why should I invest in antiques?  - maybe a question that you ask yourself whilst browsing our webiste so I've been looking into why YOU should start collecting and investing in antiques for your home.

This season, designers are lusting over all things antique, and so are we - naturally! From marvellous mahogany to glorious gilt, we have something to suit every interior, both traditional and contemporary.

Collecting antiques is not only an enjoyable experience but also a fascinating way to invest capital and diversify your investment portflio.

Unlike traditional forms of capital investment such as the stock market, bonds or building societies investing in antiques is another form of capital investment for you to consider due to it being an intriguing way of investment for the medium and long term.

Owning objects of great beauty will improve the appearance of your home or office and collecting inevitably becomes an extremely interesting life long passion that we would love to share with you.

Whether you're in your early 30's or late 60's (or infact any age), investing in antiques will be a fantastic way for you to bring antique opulence into your home!

Our latest stock is updated regularly, and we have many other categories on the site such as 'Decorative' and 'Furniture' which you can browse through until you set your eyes on your perfect piece.

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I really hope that you've enjoyed reading this and it's given you some inspiration to start collecting some wonderful items, to enable you to develop the start of a life long passion for antiques - like ours!


LVS Decorative Arts