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Set of twelve wooden painted panels

Set of twelve wooden painted panels

Code: LVS156

Dimensions:W: 35.5cm (14")H: 68.5cm (27")D: 3.5cm (1.4")

£2,750.00 Approx $3446.12, €3069.2

A late 18th century highly decorative set of twelve naively painted pine wooden panels depicting St George slaying the dragon, possibly originally from a screen - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW: 

Each of the panels depicts St George slaying the dragon each having a red and blue painted design framing the main image with four of the panels depicting an armorial behind the figure of St George. Due to the naive style of painting, a cloak has possibly been interpreted as wings instead.

The panels have been framed with a rounded dull blue moulded edge to match the parting bead and also to tone with the colours of the panels and also enable them to be easily hung onto a wall. 

The panels are quite difficult to date as this type of construction spanned over many years from 1750-1820. Although the panels seem to be of English construction, the style of painting appears to be more that of Asian or Russian due to how the faces of the figures are depicted. 

The panels are in very good condition for age and can go straight into a home. 

Size: these do vary slightly on height & width, largest listed