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19thc superb quality bronze ‘Chiens Braque au Repose’, PJ Mene

19thc superb quality bronze ‘Chiens Braque au Repose’, PJ Mene

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W: 45.8cm (18")H: 24.8cm (9.8")D: 21.5cm (8.5")

£3,500.00 Approx $4419.19, €4036.91

A mid 19th century (circa 1860) superb quality bronze group of two hunting dogs titled ‘Chiens Braque au Repose’, signed PJ Mene (1810-1877) - ADDITIONAL IMAGES CAN BE VIEWED BELOW:

The title translates to ‘Pointer Dogs at Rest’ and is a super example of this breed, the Pointers depicted resting on a naturalistic oval base with foliage and the branch of a tree.  

A model of this sculpture was exhibited by the artist in the 1857 Salon Exhibition, he exhibited bronzes most years from 1838 in the Salon Exhibitions, gaining various medals and also gaining First Class medals in both 1855 and 1861 at the London Exhibition.

Pierre Jules Mene (1810-1877) was a French sculptor, born in Paris and was considered one of the pioneers of animal sculpture in the 19th century. He produced many animal sculptures, mainly of domestic animals, in particular those of dogs and also equestrian groups, renowned for the quality of his work. He established his own foundries where he would cast all his bronzes himself, in 1861 he was awarded the Cross of the Legion d’Honneur in recognition for his contribution to art.

Reference: this sculpture can be found in the book ‘Les Animaliers’ by Jane Horswell, Page 141 

This bronze is in excellent condition for age and can go straight into a home or collection.